Raised in Somerset, Nick first began playing the blues and rock he found in his parents record collection. There was a lot playing in garages, barns and pubs, a lot of DIY, building amplifiers and effects, messing around with tapes.

Nick’s first job in London was as a bicycle courier, before studying Music at SOAS. He rebelled against the liberal left of that institution by taking half his classes at Kings College learning composition, arrangement and Western Classical music while studying the Japanese Shakuhatchi and Shamanism at SOAS.

On leaving he played jazz mainly around the South London scene before joining Babyshambles offshoot Love Minus Zero, and playing with other artists. In 2006 he was sponsored to play music in Australia where he supported Grace Jones and wandered through the Red Desert.

Arriving back in London he built Under the Tracks studio and works with his band ‘The Vessels of Treasure’.

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