Interview with Clive Bell

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On the 31st July the world Shakuhachi Festival ( arrives in London for the first time. This entrancing instrument holds a special place in the musical landscape, notoriously difficult to play and with a lineage of Zen Buddhist Monks and Samurai Warriors – it was also used as a weapon, it is uniquely Japanese and truly ancient. To celebrate the festival we bring you an interview with Clive Bell, a prominent UK master who introduces the instrument, it’s history, music and pedagogy¬† seducing you with¬†an inimitable sonic world.

This interview was originally recorded in 2013 for Suzuki, and a webmercial I made for the Suzuki Swift car. The audio was so good and the subject matter so interesting, I thought it was a waste to allow the cutting floor to be swept into the bin. I immediately compiled this audio only version, however it has taken the 2018 Shakuhachi festival to bring it into the light of day!

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